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Quality food, at the BEST price. 

Unicus is a Food, Fitness and Entertainment brand that specializes in going above and beyond without charging above and beyond prices. We are most notably known for our Trailer Bistro and All-$5 menu, but we hope you remember us for our earnest attempts to satisfy your needs. Please have a look around and enjoy the videos and blog. 

And if the spirit moves you, make yourself a member; There are tons of benefits of all types.  Thanks for stopping by, hope to hear from you soon. 

- Dee, Owner/"Chef"


More than Food in Our Mission

Why We Do What We Do

We, the owners had a vision to take care of people that were in the same situation as us. The problem was, the longer we thought about it, more and more of Las Vegas were in the scope of "same situation.".
We wanted to feed those that worked the hours we worked as Security/First Responders, because from experience we knew both the lack of options and the burden of bringing your own. 
We wanted to take the intimidation out of getting in shape, and make it easier to add confidence and simplicity to the process of achieving fitness goals. 
We wanted to show that dreams come true, nay-sayers are wrong, and anyone with the right idea can make a difference.
If you believe in that too we have a way for you to elp us make a difference,  even if you're not around to try our food and drinks.

No upcoming events at the moment

Where to Find Us

We at U.M. are different in almost every way.  One definitive way is that we go where we are NEEDED!

We Service "3rd Shift"

3rd Shift = Us Nocturnal individuals that find ourselves out in the wee hours of the night. Be it for business or for pleasure, one thing you can expect from us, is to be there.

New Location coming soon!

We are always looking for places in the community to help. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let us know!

Memorial Day!

This Memorial Day we will be at the Safe Life Parking Lot from 1pm to 5pm/6pm

We look forward to meeting and feeding you at one of our stops.