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For the most part these days, people don't care about the backstory of a food location.  UM however, has a red carpet, a ridiculously delicious menu with a sort of "hot in your hand guarantee", and prices that are better than anywhere in Vegas for hand crafted foods and beverages.  That makes customers curious. 

The owners met in 2019 working security only to find out they had almost the exact same Vegas Dream... but that is pointless history...

If you want to know why we do what we do, I simply share the following:

There's an anime about a failing theme park that hit a note for me I will never forget. 

In a touching character developing scene, the protagonist, who was initially reluctant to consider taking the heroic role set before him, takes a seat in the park to ponder his choices. As he places his hand on the chair he notices that the corners are rounded. This was so that children running and playing in the park would encounter less pain if they fell against them. It was that attention to details that showed the heart of the park owner and in turn swayed the hero to agree to stay and help.  

Unicus is founded by 2 friends that share this level of sentiment for their customers and craft alike.  We thought past or menu prices and looked at the price to feed you, OR your family of 4 comfortably. We ran through finance scenarios over and over to find the lowest numbers we could use on our menu BEFORE the pandemic. We care about your enjoyment down to each bite and sip, and you can taste it every time. When you pay, you want to know that you got real ingredients, made WHEN you asked not before, and made with the care that we all desire our own food and drink to be handled with; and that's our guarantee. We promise that EVERY time you come by you will receive our best attempt at perfect service. Your food hits your hand hot, and your drink is either perfectly cold or has steam coming from it. You see us make each part of your drink, and even shake/stir it to make sure even your first sip is perfectly mixed and chilled. We actually care, and we care THAT much; and if you don't believe us, come call our delicious bluff. We'll be there with a smile, ready to try and sway you to become a regular

See you soon. 


Gunnar W.

Co-Owner - Fitness & Nutrition

Aside from being a Las Vegas First Responder (who we all salute for working diligently through the pandemic), and an accomplished Golden Glove Boxer, Gunnar is also an compassionate and dedicated personal trainer with an amazing story. He is the driving force behind the fitness and nutrition focus at U.M.

Thanks to him Unicus Manufactus L.L.C. is the nation's only mobile food businesses that provides caliric information AND MACROS!


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The "Pseudo-Chefs" Behind Your Favorite Food

We are going to make this the link to our first blog post. The term Dabbler will be expounded upon as well as our reasons for doing. Stay tuned!

Gunnar Recognized by NFPT

You may get a combo from Gunnar and go to sleep later in the day. HOWEVER, if this personal trainer gave you a combo in the ring, sleep would be involuntary and immediate. Lol But Gunnar isn't recognized in this article for who he hurts. Instead he is being highlighted for who he helps. 

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