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Frequently Asked Questions

and Other Helpful Information

We talked to tons of different friends and family about our ideas for the business and the menu and the services, and with that came a lot of great questions.  Because of that we have a few answers for you about Unicus Manufactus ahead of time.

What does Unicus Manufactus Stand For? 

Unicus Manufactus loosely translated means "Uniquely Handmade". That to us doesn't just signify what we bring to the table with out culinary creations, but also that there's always a present personal touch to anything we will ever put that name on.  When you see UM, we want you to think "Whatever is going on there is being done CORRECTLY. To MY standard."

What kind of food is on the menu?

This is our favorite question to answer as a food business. We serve gourmet classic dishes like Chicken and Waffles, Mac n Cheese, and beverages that compliment perfectly, like our Faux Joe and Fresh Lemonade. The only thing better than our menu, is the hour you can get these delicious treats! We serve Mid-Rats to the grave shift workers and late munchie people from 11pm - 3am!!

Who makes the food?

We aren't chefs. No fancy cooking trainnig, unless you count rooming with a Le Cordon Bleu Chef in my Coast guard days,,, I count it..
What we are, is a family of foodies. perfecting the simple yet succulent dishes on our menu was and always is the goal, every dish, every customer, every time. Never gets old.

Why is everything in your menu $5.

As an idea: Because when I thought what I would gladly pay that wasn't too much or too little, $5 was perfect for my family of 3/4. 
As a business concept: After years of crunching numbers and plans, we have theorized, tested, and validated/proven that this model can both have an impact and be profitable.

So what's the goal?

Long story short: To change the world. (Said with a straight face) 
We believe that there are major changes that need to happen within the way we exchange goods these days. Overpriced is the new norm, and it no longer even guarantees the best. Most of the time now things are just expensive and not meeting the quality of their price tag in quality OR service. When you come to Unicus and order Chicken and Waffles, your waffle is crisp, so is your chicken which is sliced and plated as if we fear Gordon Ramsay leaving his OWN establishment to scold us, and you get to bite it while its as hot as Vegas weather. You get this as a guarantee, everytime. We want to convince other businesses to be better, and inspire similar businesses to be. We want you to have a daily location that you can get a constant delicious favorite, and a price that lets you come whenever you want to. This is our goal. To be considered great by you.